Be a Community Ambassador

Are you a community change-maker? A mover and shaker who is taking steps, great or small, to better our community?

Community is one of those things that is hard to define, but you know it when you are in it. A community organization is one that seeks to empower people to guide their lives, to speak for themselves, to learn about the world and to make it better. A TEDxSaltLakeCity Community Ambassador is someone who believes 3 simple truths: 1) people can do it, 2) people can be trained to do it, and 3) conditions can be created to do it. They are leaders, activists, and individuals who support their community in identifying common problems or goals and mobilize resources, including themselves, to solve the problems and attain the goals collectively set by the community.

Community Ambassadors will have the opportunity to attend, free of cost, the daylong TEDxSaltLakeCity. They will also receive:

  • A reserved seat at our event, which includes live talks and artistic performances.
  • Priority service at lunch, which is included with your ticket, from one of our local, delicious, food truck vendors.
  • The opportunity to kick off our afternoon session by introducing yourself and sharing a one-sentence perspective on community-building.
  • Recognition on our social media channels and our website,
  • An invitation to attend AfterGlow, our invite-only post-event celebration.
  • Networking opportunities with other event attendees and fellow Community Ambassadors.

Community Ambassador applications for 2019 are open!